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The Wines


Capay Valley AVA

As early as 1861 a vineyard in Capay Valley was awarded the prize for the finest wine grapes in California. Capay Valley was designated an AVA (appellation) in February 2003. Capay Valley Vineyards is located 80 miles northeast of San Francisco, just east of Napa over the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The Vineyards

The vineyards are located on rolling hills with soils containing river rock and volcanic ash.Summers are warm and dry with a long growing season. Portions of the valley receive moderating breezes from the Sacramento Delta and the San Francisco Bay. The vines are trained to a vertical trellis. All vineyard work is done by hand. Harvesting is done at night to ensure that the fruit is cool when picked. Capay Valley Vineyards is dedicated to producing premium wines from Capay Valley fruit.

Tempranillo     |     Sparkling Tempranillo     |     Viognier     |     Sparkling Viognier      |     Cabernet Sauvignon     |     Petit Verdot